"We are a welcoming group!"

LGBT Friends and Allies: We value and respect your privacy.

July 17th Monthly Meeting Changed!

For July, you’ll have a choice of venues to meet with your fellow club members.   Are you craving a 99 cent margarita and chips and salsa?  Join a group meeting at Rio Mirage in El Mirage.   Or does a nice plate of pasta and a glass of wine sound like the perfect evening meal?   You are covered as another group will be at Lou’s Tivoli Gardens in Surprise.    
Here are the details :
1. Rio Mirage (99 cent Margaritas and great food) 5:00 PM
12245 W. Santa Fe Ln  El Mirage
2. Lou’s Tivoli Gardens 5:00 PM
12535 W. Bell Road, Surprise
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Bowling the House Down


We had a great turnout for the Wii Bowling Event tonight, June 21st, including 3 new members! Welcome Mark, Dave and Dan, we hope to see the guys back at the July meeting!
24 people showed up and about 16 bowlers participated, showing off their Wii Bowling Skills. There was also a cheering section of 8 very enthusiastic club members offering lots of suggestions from the sidelines to improve the skill level of the bowlers.
Bill Warren of the Sun City West Johnson Lanes staff had the place all set up for us, collected the fee and provided excellent instructions on how to use the system. He was always available to assist with anything we needed and provided beverages for those in need. 
This was a particularly enjoyable event as the AC in the building was way more comfortable than the 114 degree weather outside.
This may be an event we could do again, as everyone seemed to have a great time.
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How Did the April 24th Gathering Go?

28 of us had a great time in the wonderful Quail Room at the Sun City West Foundation. We very comfortably fit around round tables, where we laughed, schmoozed, got to know each other, noshed on appetizers and finger foods, and played 3 wicked rounds of very competitive Arizona and LGBT Trivia.
We asked for contributions of $4 or more to pay for the $80 room fee, and we made our goal.  I think the room was definitely worth it.  Good A/C (sorry for those of you who got chilled!!), a warming oven, a fridge, and complimentary ice.  Clean up was a breeze, no chairs to stack, or tables to move. I think this place is a keeper, for when we want to gather in a meeting room. Lots of potential to play games, and other organizational/get to know you better exercises.
A new club connect and network opportunity was launched at the meeting.  We now have “Are You Interested In…” sheets for people to sign up with phone numbers, so you can easily call up another member with like interests.  Some of the sign up lists included: Going out to dinner, Travel, Bowling/billiards, Card/board/dominos games, Wii bowling, Going to movies, Live music, Hanging by the pool, Museums.   Come to the next meeting to add your name to the growing lists.  You can sign on to existing lists or start new interests and activities.  These lists will not be posted on the website.
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Monthly Potluck Gathering – April 24, 2017—PLEASE NOTE DATE CHANGE

We will meet the 4TH  Monday in April at the Sun City West Foundation Quail Room, 14465 W. RH Johnson Blvd.   Please note, this is right next door to Unity where we met last month.

5:30pm to schmooze and mingle(an earlier start time than usual, if you want to come and hang out. No worries if you can’t)

This month we’ll have an Appetizer and Finger Food Potluck beginning at 6:30 pm.  Alcoholic beverages, Wine and Beer ARE allowed. So bring a nosh,  your beverage, and a place setting.  

Please donate a few bucks to help with room rental costs. This room costs $80.00!

We will be having several activities and games.

This will be the last hoorah for the Snowbird Flock(Full disclosure- yours truly) Let’s have a great time, and gear up for a summer that will include many of your LGBT friends you’ve made this year.

Open to Sun City West LGBT Club members and Allies

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Tri-Club Social – Saturday, April 8th, 2017

Mark your calendar for the inaugural Tri-Club Social on April 8th.

Our group will join with Sun City and Sun City Grand LGBT groups for a fun-filled evening.

Location:  Surprise Community Park , Surprise Lake, 15930 North Bullard Ave., Ramada # 2, Surprise, AZ

Time:  6:00pm – 10:00pm

Bring:  A salad or a side dish to share, a place setting, and a lawn chair

Beverages:  BYOB,  but beer is the only alcoholic beverage allowed and it must be in a can. No glass of any kind is permitted.


Ramada #2 is the closest one to the parking lot, and there is a paved path from the lot.

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Check out our photo in this weeks Sun City West Independent (March 1, 2017)

Grab your Independent and check out our full color photo of several of our very happy members. There is also a nice caption about our successful Inaugural meeting in February.You will also find an ignorant homophobic letter to the editor which many members have already submitted rebuttals for next week. Stay tuned……….

Inaugural Meeting 2-10-2017

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Were you at our first monthly potluck dinner tonight? If not, you missed a great time!

We had approximately 50 wonderful lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender neighbors at our first gathering at Unity Church. There is no doubt, the LGBT community sure knows how to bring food to the table. We had an officer from the Sun City Group, and an Allie, Vivian Wallis, who is a resource for the Charter process. She is also running for the Rec Board of directors.

Because of our size, we actually took up three rooms, which wasn’t optimal for getting to know your neighbor, but the price is right and we will make sure to mix it up in March.

We always wear name tags,(you know, it’s an age thang!!!) and are slowly and surely starting to connect and know more members each gathering.

We firmed up our member list, and at the March 20 gathering, member lists will be available(only members opting “yes” to share within the group will be listed). This will be a great help when folks are trying to connect outside of our gatherings. Member rosters are only available to paid dues members.

We were shown the fabulous brochure that Judy has been working on. It will be finalized, and then copies can be placed at the PORA visitor center, and here at Unity Church. Because of our Noncharter status, we are unable to place pamphlets in the Rec Centers and main membership office. Other spots to investigate are the library in SCW and the bowling alley. It would be great to have a volunteer check this out.

Sheila has done a ton of research on Charter vs non-charter and gave an interesting presentation of the many steps it would take to become a Chartered club. At this point, the committee will develop a pro and con list, and this is something to be discussed down the road. Getting all the fact will be very helpful, but right now we are going to concentrate on getting to know each other, finding common interests, and having fun!

Bob has graciously volunteered to be the “outreach” person for folks who do not have an email address. He will phone them ahead of an event, to make sure they are aware of it. Right now we have 14 folks who are on the outreach list, so if you can help Bob out and split the list with him….please do.

Dave has volunteered to create a form for business people in the group(offhand I know we have painters, acupuncturists, photographers,snowbird home watchers, graphic artists,silk tree creators) and I’m sure there are more that I don’t know of. So if you have a talent/business that you would like your community to support, please pick a form up at the next meeting from Dave. He will compile them for the group into some sort of a bulletin or business directory, so we can support our LGBT selves.

Vicki is going to create some Rainbow name tags that we can personalize so we don’t have to keep using those darn sticky things.

Update on our social events- you can also find them under calendar of this web page:
The March 11 Social will be held at Lou’s Tivoli Garden Restaurant at Noon.  Please look at Calendar section of this website for details, and RSVP information.

April 8- I announced a Tri-club gathering including Sun City and Sun City Grand, but when I got home, I had a note from Grand, and they are somewhat hesitant to commit their resources right now until they meet with membership mid-March. Sun City is in the same boat so we may need to re-think this idea before we put any of our time and money into the event. It will happen sometime. Stay tuned, ok? I’m a bit disappointed, but walking safely before running is always a wise idea.

As you can see, I somehow figured out how to at least start to use our website. I’m sure I will get better with time, and add some bells and whistles and pretty it up. Please keep your eye on the website for updates, and I will continue to send out blind copy emails if I have your address.

Thank you very much to the clean- up committee, and to the folks who volunteered to set up the rooms and tables before each meeting. I will arrive at Unity around 5:20pm before the meetings, to unlock the door for you.

Don’t forget to bring a couple bucks for room rental, and $5 for dues if you haven’t paid yet.

Until next time,

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