The Good Times Committee says “Join us for a fun lunch at Birt’s Bistro in Surprise. ”  Birt’s chef and team have created a menu featuring fresh salads, sandwiches and wraps and tempting Chef Features.   There is also musical entertainment from noon-1:00 pm.

Birt’s Bistro is a restaurant on Benevilla’s main campus in Surprise, whose social enterprise model helps to support the charitable work that Benevilla does in our community.  Every purchase at Birt’s helps to fund Benevilla programs and services, providing care and support for older adults, disabled adults, children, and the families who care for them. 

This event is limited to 25 attendees.  Because this location has limited seating and no-shows take spots away from other people who want to attend, a $5.00 seat reservation will be necessary to hold your spot.   Your $5.00 will be refunded to you at the event.  For no-shows to the event, the $5.00 reservation will not be refunded.  

To reserve your spot:

  • Bring your $5.00 to the August 21st gathering at the RHJohnson Activity Center or
  • Mail a check made out to SCWLGBT to Allen Hughes, 19006 N 143rd Avenue, SCW, 85375 or
  • Call Allen at 757 810 2017 to arrange a time to drop off your reservation.

This is a limited-seating event, so you can only attend if we receive your $5.00 hold ahead of the event.  Please reserve your spot early. Because Birt’s is a charitable organization, they have requested each attendee purchase a meal item off the menu – please do not just order coffee or a beverage.  

Check the September Calendar event link for Birt’s address and a map.